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So who's Dr B...?

Dr Brendan Moloney (aka Dr. B) is an academic gone rogue.


For the past 25 years, he has travelled the world, worked in different countries, and read lots of different books. He was working at the University of Melbourne for awhile, and then got bored and left to start his own company.

In doing so, he built opportunities for the private higher education sector and managed to upset a whole bunch of angry public servants who are trying to keep Australia as a stone age society. 

At the start of the Victorian Dictatorship in 2020, Dr B started writing about human rights and freedom issues on social media. People around the world loved it. That's why he had 4 million readers. Then, Big Tech, and a mob of overweight academics, decided to cancel him. 

Now he keeps a light hearted blog - a Daily Rant - where he muses on all things. He is also actively building a Parallel Movement.


A movement where all kinds of people can access alternative living, and move out of the horrible mainstream, into a world of light and love.

Daily Rant Library

The Daily Rant is carrying on a tradition of cheekiness and quirky observation. You won't find Dr. B on LinkedIn - thanks to a lifetime ban. However, you can read his writing and all the typical things he would write on LinkedIn. All for free. You can read more on the Daily Rant by clicking on Read More.

Video Library

You know I am not a natural on video. Indeed, I would prefer it if I could just write and people could read. The old fashioned way. However, video does has its positives. You can do a bunch of absurd things. Stay tuned, as a we are currently building DB's entire video library on here, so you won't miss a thing. Like Chewie singing ..

Parallel Movement

If I had a dollar for every time someone said, I saw you speaking to Matthew on Discernible, I think I'd be rich. Lots of people are interested in the Parallel Movement, and all welcome aboard. Just click through the link and you can read all about it, join an event or class, and help us build a great global movement. 

Buy DB a Coffee

Loads of people in the past have said, 'DB you should charge money for this.' 'Nah'. I'm happy to provide some entertainment and reading for free. I have several businesses already. If you feel compelled to encourage me, I do graciously appreciate coffee - love coffee. Just click the link to the 'Buy Me a Coffee' page. Thanks :--)

My Work

My Work

Read Dr. B's latest rants


Every now and then I post a rant.

What is a rant?


It's just me, DB, giving my take on latest events, things happening in the world, or things that I see all around me. 

It's sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes catchy, and sometimes bedazzly. 

Consider it cheap entertainment. 

Feel free to chip in and add your two cents on the forum, too. 


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Mental Health 


Mental health has become a serious issue around the world. 

The recent census shows that 2.3 million Australians are suffering from mental health issues, and that are just the reported numbers.


The issues of anxiety, depression, OCD and other mental health disorders may go even further. 

A question for us all is why is this happening. Sure the lockdowns were severe. But were there any other things that have been happening that caused this issue. 

Or are people simply more sensitive to mental health.