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Parallel Movement

The Parallel Movement is a growing global movement of those who have ‘had enough’. Sick of the ‘mainstream’ and the toxicity it generates, the Parallel Movement brings to get people, educates them on leaving the mainstream, and engaging in one or all of the 12 parallel domains.

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The Adventures of Mask Man

Mask Man is, as he says, ‘the Normal One’. In a world full of germs, viruses, and other people, Mask Man strives to sanitise and to save the world from its filth and decay. One mask is never enough.

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Illuminati Adam 

A new project focussing on Adam. A young Illuminati making his way in the world. From one eye covered, to art installations drenched in pig’s blood, to crossed checker boards and pizza, Adam is always almost there …  


Darlo Group 

Darlo Group is a services-based group of companies. The group offers such things as marketing and sales, digital marketing, technical communications, course writing, resourcing, materials development and higher education accreditation. The Darlo Group is located in Dallas, Texas. 

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Hazard Mat Man

Safety and health is EVERYONE’s priority. There is no higher element than protecting yourself and others from non-existent illnesses. Extending his experience in work, health and safety, Hazard Mat Man takes the streets of Melbourne, doing his duty, protecting himself and protecting others.

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Feeling my Manhood

Dr. B has turned his popular LinkedIn posts in a collection of books. Buy one or by them all. Just don’t miss out on his mischief. (An acquired taste, as they say). Feeling My Manhood, the post that got Dr. B a lifetime ban from LinkedIn, kicks off his furore into the absurd world of professional networking websites.

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