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DB for Hire: Limited Offer

Now! DB Pimping Himself Out for Hire - Covid Special!


DB can't tap dance like a Healthcare Hero, or be as vindictive and spiteful as a Public Servant. As for cricket, he can't bat or bowl. 

But there are a lots of the ways DB might be able to help out. 

Aside from raking leaves in your garden, DB has a particular set of skills. 

Hire him today, and experience the joy. 

You can contact him at



As an experienced CEO and successful serial entrepreneur - he has started several of his own multiple million dollar businesses - DB can help you with your marketing. Whether it is to help you become a more successful influencer, or to market your products and services, DB can be hired out (I asked him, and he said it's okay).



Do want outrageous content that helps you influence customers, or rancid spew that turns them off you for life?


Well you've come to the wrong place.


DB will create content to delight and bedazzle your customers. If they are not bedazzled, then what can DB do.... help you reinvigorate and inspire your  communications. 



Who knows how your videos will turn out? Working with DB, they will be interesting and quirky though. 

DB has the gear. He can source the talent. He can find the location. 

Lights. Camera. Action! 

It's Video Chow Down with DB.

Business Mentoring

Do want some coaching/mentoring with Dr B? Get help on business problems such as growing your business, getting customers, creating content and marketing strategies, setting up your company in different countries like the USA. 

A limited number of 1-1 sessions are available, and would love to help good people grow their business. 


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