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Dim Sims, VB and Rapid Tests
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Feb 04, 2022
Hey! I had wondered what the connection was lol. But I couldn’t agree more. Gosh the people saying, “We can just test using a RAT…” arghhhh!! They don’t see the point! And seriously as someone who is (genetically) medically complex and unwell, do we test every nurse, surgeon, admin personnel, butcher, baker and candlestick maker for MRSA, Staph and things like actual influenza (not a bad cold!), or glandular fever EVERY SINGLE SHIFT? No they don’t! Yet those are more problematic and deadly. Why don’t hospitals care when I explicitly tell them nurses don’t care about aseptic procedure (I don’t want sepsis!) or when notes are wrong and need addressing (issues that causes major complications in long term and often short term care)? Or right nursing procedure (which does NOT include using ineffec masks between patients) and making sure note taking is accurate and understandable is cheap and randomly, EFFECTIVE!! Rats (which I think are perfectly named by the way), are not and if you’re not symptomatic are at best tossing a coin on outcome and not actually that accurate….. many many reasons for this (and still not hugely accurate WHEN symptomatic and provide a massively false sense of security of this random concept called “commonsense“!!) but hey let’s build a crazy expensive facility that will either end up abandoned (think older Peter Mac) or way expensive (think westgate) and either way but absolutely irrelevany!!) Frustrating to be sure. I am okay to eat something unhealthy or even do something unhealthy when it’s MY choice, but not when I need the opposite, fear and freedom do not mix. RATs buy into that so so much! rant of my own 😉 over!!


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