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DB is a writer at heart. This Is what I love to do every day. Weird, right? Well, did you know that writing is a skill that can be learnt? Anyone can become a good writer. It is just a matter of a few lessons and on your way. For this reason, DB has developed a couple of DIY writing courses: 1. DIY Better Writing - This is a general course on writing, where DB talks through how to become a better writer, shows a bunch of tricks, techniques, and tools he uses, and gives you a bunch of practical exercises to do. By the end of the course, the goal is you will have improved confidence and knowledge of writing. All done in Dr B’s easy to follow and simple explanations. 2. DIY Better Writing for Business - A second courses is DIY Better Writing for Business. The idea here is that DB explores different styles of writing in business, such as emails, report writing, letters, technical reports, and marketing. He explains how to approach each task, how to employ simple and easy to use techniques to write each, as well as what to look for in quality and layout. Business writing can be boring or fun. It’s all in the way you approach the task. 3. DIY Advanced Level Writing - A third course is a DIY Advanced Level Writing. The goal is to show you how to analyse language and structure in writing to create advanced level writing. DB goes into rhetoric, composition, metaphor, text analysis, and syntax and style. It is strongly recommended that you complete the other two DIY courses before studying this one. This course is really intended for people who write, are required to write a lot, or just want to write at an advanced level.

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