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Choose Your Pricing Plan

SO you are staring at this screen, thinking, 'which do I go for - left or right?'


'Do I have a coffee?' Or 'Do I have a coffee AND a cream bun?'


Well let's make this easy for you. Dr. B has been creating content his ass off for the past 2 years. Working early mornings, and long nights, without a cent to his name. 


He has been with many people through the highs and lows of lockdowns and covid hysteria. 


You can look at it either as - paying it forward (more great content to come) or paying it back (for all those happy memories and coffee spills) - either way you look at it you come out a winner! 


Dr. B is here to help you. How much would you pay for therapy? More than a coffee and a cream bun. 

How much would you pay to see justice served to those deserving of his scathing take-downs? It's priceless.

How much would you pay to see that Dr. B doesn't end up at Flinders Street station living in a cardboard box? It's called humanity.


So, whether it's something pushing you towards happiness, or something pulling you away from your mundane existence, Dr. B will certainly work towards making your dreams come true. 


Make a wish. 


Let's share a coffee and cream bun together. 

  • Best Value

    A Cup of Coffee p/w

    Every month
    For garden-variety yet committed fans
     7 day free trial
    • Blog access
  • Coffee & a Cream Bun

    Every month
    Perfect for committed borderline stalker fans
     7 day free trial
    • All written content
    • Podcasts
    • Zoom conferences
    • 10% off in shop
    • Free parking
Cup of Tea
Cup of Tea
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